Mitch and Kelsey's Omaha Photoshoot / by Shawn Jensen

Man could these two be any cuter!!  Mitch and Kelsey are moving away and wanted to do a photoshoot to commemorate their time here in Omaha.  We started out at their lovely home and had a blast trying to round up their 3 dogs for photos.  They suggested taking photos in their bedroom, which I was a little nervous about, but luckily Kelsey is a master decorator which made the photos turn out so much better!  After that we continued our photoshoot downtown and got the true Omaha experience as we froze our butts off.  To get warmed up we visited a local Omaha cafe called Culprit, which serves some amazing breakfast and coffee drinks!



20180128-Mitch and Kelsey365.jpg
20180128-Mitch and Kelsey504.jpg