Emma's Senior Photos by Shawn Jensen

You would never believe from the photos that this girl was super nervous to have her picture taken! She did such an amazing job! 

Candid Moment at a Wedding by Shawn Jensen

At weddings people often request the standard let's line up and pose for the camera type of photos, (which is perfectly fine and I'm more than willing to do them) but I much prefer capturing candid moments that unfold throughout the day.  Times when people don't know the camera is on them make the images more true and that much more special.

From Young Love to Young at Heart Love by Shawn Jensen

Went from last weekend photographing a beautiful young couple at the start of their journey together to this weekend, photographing a young at heart couple as they celebrate nearly half a century together. It's getting to share in moments like these that most others don't see that make photography such a beautiful thing. It makes all the work of photography not seem like work at all. 

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.
— Aaron Siskind



Mind the Gap by Shawn Jensen

Had a blast visiting London, Cambridge, Stirling, Edinburgh, and Glasgow with a great group of guys for a work trip last week!  It was a lot of traveling in a short amount of time but was well worth it.  Europe is so rich in history and the architecture and culture are so fascinating to me, plus it's a great place for photography. 

Scott and Linda's Hawaii Wedding Preview by Shawn Jensen

My wife and I had the pleasure of traveling to Hawaii for a wedding this past week!  Hawaii was absolutely amazing and it reminded me so much of my time in Okinawa.  The beach, weather, scenery, and food were all wonderful and I'd go back in a heartbeat.  I didn't ever want to leave, and to makes things worse my phone was getting notifications of tornado watch back in Omaha!!  If you ever get the chance to visit Hawaii I highly recommend it.  Here are just a couple of photographs from my trip with more to follow eventually (I've been super busy since we've gotten back with wedding planning).


Visit to South Carolina by Shawn Jensen

Sheena and I recently traveled to Aiken South Carolina to visit my grandmother and other family.  While there we visited Charleston and got to go to the Masters golf tournament in Augusta Georgia.  Unfortunately they don't let you bring cameras into the course!! 

Photos from my visit to Souda Bay by Shawn Jensen

Recently I was lucky enough to get the chance to visit Souda Bay Greece for a work trip.  Even though it was only for a short time we tried to explore and take in as much as we could! The food and the culture were amazing and I'm hoping to visit again someday sooner rather than later.

Fini Flight by Shawn Jensen

Congratulations to my friend who had his final flight as a part of our squadron.  Traditionally when you have your fini flight, you are met on the ground with water hoses and champaign (cheap) bottles.  

Vintage Camera Collection by Shawn Jensen

Thanks to my father-in-law I've started a vintage camera collection. I was cleaning up a little bit today and decided to finally display them in my photography room a.k.a room down in the basement my wife wants me to put all my photography crap in. The Canon is the furthest one in the back and was used in Vietnam. The Brownie Starmite is from back in the 1960s and is in such good condition I'm pretty sure it could be used today.

Visit to the Omaha Zoo by Shawn Jensen

Pictures from a recent trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo!  Omaha surprisingly has one of the top rated Zoos in the country.  I wish they had pandas or koalas, but other than that they've got a lot of awesome animals. This isn't quit pet photography but if you're from Omaha and would like Pet photography let me know!